Nov 16, 2016

2016 ASSC Service Project - Alternatives For Girls

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Dear Faculty and Academic Staff,

On behalf of the WSU Academic Staff Steering Committee (ASSC) of the AAUP-AFT, WSU Local 6075, we are writing to ask you to consider making a donation as part of our annual service fundraiser benefiting a great and unique organization - Alternative For Girls (AFG). 

The Wish List and 10 Ways to Support Alternatives For Girls is included, which details how you can contribute.  Wish list items may be placed in the collection box per our location and contact listing below.  Donations should be dropped off at one of the donation sites by Friday, Dec. 16, 2016. In addition, you can send your contributions directly to AFG at 903 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48208, (313) 361-4000.

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Founded in 1987, Alternatives For Girls helps homeless and high-risk girls and young women avoid violence, teen pregnancy, and exploitation, and helps 
them to explore and access the support, resources and opportunities necessary to be safe, to grow strong, and to make positive choices in their lives.  For more information, you can check out their website:

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at if you have questions or wish additional information.

Thank you all in advance for your thoughtfulness 
and generosity this holiday season!

*ASSC Annual Service Project 2016 Supporting Alternative For Girls (AFG)
  WSU Drop Off Locations and Contacts:  
Academic/Administration Building (AAB)             Juanita Pipkin / Ellen Holmes
Biological Sciences                                              Rebecca Russell
Cohn                                                                     Dennis Beste
College of Education                                            LaSondra Dawn / Ebony Green 
Faculty/Administration Building (FAB)                  Marianka Holloway / Cynthia Merritt 
Maccabees                                                           Cheryl White
Manoogian Hall                                                    Tonal Simmons
Pharmacy and Health Sciences                           Shauna Reevers
Physics Hall                                                          Dawn Niedermiller
Purdy/Kresge Library                                            Monique Oldfield 
Reuther Library                                                     Stefanie Caloia
Life Sciences & Science Hall                                Deanna Cavanaugh
Social Work                                                           Sarah Doyle
Undergraduate Library                                          Aundra Freeman
Chemistry                                                              Melissa Barton
Law School                                                            Diane Fears
Old Main                                                                Lisa Dobbs
Matthaei Athletics Complex                                   Kim Clexton 
Mazurek Medical Education Commons                 Leah Robinson / Jason Brooks 

Drop off Deadline – Friday, Dec. 16, 2016 
Drop off to AFG  –  Monday, Dec. 19, 2016

Thank You,

Cynthia Merritt and Dawn Niedermiller

Academic Staff Steering Committee
AAUP-AFT, Local 6075, WSU Chapter

Nov 15, 2016

GENDER (IN)EQUITY - Academic Forum

Gender equity, or inequity, has been a consistent problem in American society, and is also a concern in academia and at Wayne State. The universities of Waterloo and Oakland have made efforts to address the issue; it is time that we at Wayne do the same.

 Join us to discuss this important issue with our panel and moderator Hayg Oshagan.

  • Thursday, November 17th
  • Student Center, Hilberry B.  2pm - 3pm

Lynne Taylor
Assoc. Professor
Department of History
University of Waterloo, Canada 
Alexandra Orchard
Technical & Metadata
Archivist, WSU Reuther Library of Labor & Urban Affairs 
Michael Latcha
Assoc. Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Oakland University 
Scott Barns
Exec. Director AAUP
Oakland University

Download flier:

Oct 31, 2016

Election 2016 Newsbrief

This Newsbrief is a quick guide to labor endorsed candidates for office. Look for a hard copy to come to your office this week, contact if your area does not have a Council Representative to help people get this.

AAUP-AFT Local 6075 Newsbriefs elections 2016

Contact for a PDF version emailed to you if needed before hard copy.

Find more endorsed candidates at and a non-partisian guide at League of Women Voters.  The Detroit School Board election has 63 people running, check out this breakdown.

Oct 13, 2016

Charles H. Gershenson Distinguished Faculty Fellow

Congratulations to Donal O'Leary for receiving this distinguished award,
an honor established by the university’s Board of Governors to recognize and provide support for faculty whose continuing achievements and activities in scholarship, research ... are nationally distinguished. 
Additionally, Donal is a member of the Executive Board for AAUP-AFT Local 6075, Wayne State Chapter - here, after a meeting:

via Prognosis E-News

Oct 11, 2016

Terminally ill 10 Year Old - Solidarity Request

Cynthia Cannon, UAW Local 7 member, is a 46-year-old mother of three. Her 10-year-old son, Jarrell was diagnosed with Hereditary Spherocytosis (HS) at the age of three. HS is an inherited condition that affects the red blood cells. By the time Jarrell was seven years old, he had also been diagnosed with Leukemia; which is cancer of the blood or bone marrow. In Jarrell’s short 10 years, he has had his right kidney, his spleen and his gallbladder removed. He has endured chemotherapy, radiation treatments and a bone marrow transplant. Jarrell is now terminally ill and has been placed in hospice and given approximately 6 months to live. 
Cynthia was off work overseeing Jarrell's treatment and spending as much time as possible with him. Due to mounting medical bills that needed to be paid in order to continue treatment for Jarrell, Cynthia lost her vehicle, her home and the contents of her home when she was no longer able to pay the storage fees. Cynthia is currently living in a hotel room with her 13-year-old son, Omari and her cousin’s 16-year-old son DaVante. DaVante’s mother passed away after losing her battle with breast cancer.  Omari is a freshman and DaVante is a junior in two different Detroit public high schools.

Cynthia has been called back to work. She, however, must catch the bus to work in Detroit and to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor to visit Jarrell.

Labor comes together for each other in times of need. Cynthia is dealing with this catastrophic situation of having lost all of her possessions while facing the heartbreaking fate of her baby boy. Taking in her cousin’s son and raising him as her own shows you the huge heart that Cynthia has. This mom needs a vehicle, a safe place to live, furniture, winter clothes for the boys, as well as, basic needs items. Let’s rally together as only labor can do and help our sister get back on her feet. Make a donation to this family and show them that they are not alone as they prepare for the loss of their youngest member.

For additional information or if you have resources to help this family, please contact:

MiChele Mitchell Basemore, NABET-CWA Local 43
Community Service Labor Liaison
Metro Detroit AFL-CIO
600 W. Lafayette, Suite 200
Detroit, Michigan 48226
(313) 960-4899
Help spread the word!

Oct 3, 2016

09/29/16 ASSC "Welcome Back & Recognition of Promotion and/or ESS"

video recording is now on YouTube

Detroit Troublemakers School

Detroit-area Troublemakers are gathering for a day of skill-building workshops that will help union members and labor activists build power on the job.
When: December 3, 2016, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Where: UAW Local 22, 4300 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48210
Cost: $20, lunch included. Scholarships available (no one will be turned away for lack of funds).
More information:

Sep 27, 2016

This gem was shown at the Gender Equity Workgroup meeting today. (a collaboration of COSW, WIMS & the Union)

Meet DPS school board candidates

Come meet the candidates for the upcoming school board election, including those endorsed by labor, at a Candidates’ Forum this Thursday, Sept. 29 at 5 pm, at the Missionary Congregational United Church of Christ, 7301 Curtis. (map directions)

Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know the candidates and ask questions.

Click here for a full list of candidates for elected offices in Wayne County, including those running for school board, who have been endorsed by the Detroit Metro AFL-CIO.

Sep 21, 2016

14 Cities With the Strongest Unions

"The once formidable power of labor unions has declined considerably in the United States. More than 20% of U.S. workers belonged to a union in 1983. Today, just over one in 10 U.S. workers are union members. While unions are virtually non-existent in some parts of the country, like Charleston, South Carolina, a number of urban areas remain union strongholds."


Sep 15, 2016

Academic Forum: Vision for the Year

Dear Colleague, 

Please join us on Thursday, September 22nd from 2:00 to 3:00 pm in Room E/F of the Student Center for the first Academic Forum of the 2016-2017 academic year.

This Academic Forum will provide an opportunity to hear from our University’s leadership about the current state of Wayne State University, where they see it in the future, and the challenges they face in their efforts. There will also be an opportunity for questions. Join us for a timely and important discussion as we start the new academic year.

Hope to see you there,
Michelle Fecteau, Executive Director
AAUP-AFT Local 6075, Wayne State University Chapter
5057 Woodward Ave., Suite 3301
Detroit, MI  48202

Aug 25, 2016

WSU Gender Equity Work Group

The WSU Gender Equity Work Group was established in February 2016. The group was formed as a joint affiliation of the WSU President’s Commission on the Status of Women (COSW), the WSU Women in Medicine and Science (WIMS) and the American Association of University Professors-AFT Local 6075 (AAUP-AFT). Membership now comprises individuals from numerous departments, schools, and colleges across campus.  The Work Group’s initial mission was to continue research, initiated by the COSW in 2014, that examined pay equity at Wayne State.  That mission has grown to include current projects and research focused on lactation rooms, childcare, and parental leave.  

We welcome all employees, students and alumni who are interested in gender equity at Wayne State to join us in our mission.

Aug 23, 2016

Senator suggests colleges swap teachers for videos

He called higher education a “cartel” and suggested colleges could cut the number of instructors and increase use of online videos like Ken Burns’ 11½-hour documentary on the Civil War.

“Why do you have to keep paying different lecturers to teach the same course? You get one solid lecturer and put it up online,” Johnson said. “If you want to teach the Civil War across the country, are you better off having, I don’t know, tens of thousands of history teachers, who, you know, kind of know the subject? Or would you be better off popping in 14 hours of Ken Burns’ Civil War tape and having those teachers proctor based on that excellent video production already done? You keep duplicating that over all these different subject areas.”

via PBS

Aug 11, 2016

Take Action Against Pay Discrimination

Time is running out! 

Only have a few more days to flood the Obama Administration with messages in support of equal pay.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has a proposal that would require all private employers with more than 100 employees to report pay data by race and gender. This would be a huge game changer for women. The EEOC would use this data to spot situations where workers appear to be paid less because of their gender or race and launch an investigation. 
Equal pay won’t happen without strong enforcement of equal pay laws, and this new reporting requirement will put some real muscle behind that enforcement. 
Women can’t afford to be shortchanged any longer.

Tell the Obama Administration and the Office of Management and Budget that you 
support its efforts to increase pay transparency.

Jul 7, 2016

A Family-Friendly Policy That’s Friendliest to Male Professors

 "The policies led to a 19 percentage-point rise in the probability that a male economist would earn tenure at his first job. In contrast, women’s chances of gaining tenure fell by 22 percentage points. Before the arrival of tenure extension, a little less than 30 percent of both women and men at these institutions gained tenure at their first jobs. The decline for women is therefore very large. It suggests that the new policies made it 
extraordinarily rare for female economists to clear the tenure hurdle."


Jun 23, 2016

How will the Flint crisis end for Snyder?

'Why isn't there a law against this?'
"This is a unique situation. You just don't see this kind of thing," Henning tells MT. "It's one of those cases where you say, 'Why isn't there a law against this?' Well, no one ever thought we would need a law, because why would anyone do anything this stupid?"
Peter Henning, Law School Professor & AAUP-AFT Local 6075 member - speaking of the #FlintWaterCrisis


Union Rounds

Union Rounds is the new one page publication from AAUP-AFT Local 6075.

The idea is for Union Rounds to provide members with relevant news and information more frequently. As rounds happen around the campus, updates with news from the Wayne State community will be written.

Click on the images to get the PDF:

Jun 21, 2016

States Investing the Most in Higher Education

Not Michigan...

39. Michigan
> Annual higher ed. spending per student:
> 5-yr. chg.: -4.5% (8th smallest decrease)
> Total public college enrollment: 392,275 (6th highest)
> Tuition cost per student: $11,413 (3rd highest)
With nearly 39,000 undergraduates, Michigan State University is one of the largest public education institutions in the country. In total, there are 392,275 full-time students enrolled at public colleges and universities in Michigan, the sixth most of any state. Despite the importance of educational institutions in the state, Michigan invests only $5,097 in higher education annually per student, far less than in the majority of other states.

Jun 14, 2016

Meet Up and Eat Up canvassing projects for Labor partners

Sign up today for one of several Meet Up and Eat Up canvassing projects.
Today, 300,000 children who rely on free and reduced-price school lunches are out on summer break. Through a partnership with Michigan No Kid Hungry, they can continue to get their meals for free at summer food sites called Meet Up and Eat Up.

We know that face-to-face conversations are the most effective way to share information and build community. That’s why we’re recruiting volunteers to help us with door-to-door community canvassing. You’ll have the opportunity to share information about Meet Up and Eat Up with people throughout Southeastern Michigan. Join others from our region who are passionate about ending childhood hunger. You’ll receive training, a script and everything you need to be successful.

Children's March to Stop Water Shutoffs

Saturday June 18th Wayne State University Student Center 5PM

We need you to reach out  to mobilize families with children in your circles, youth leaders, children and 
youth activities to compel them to represent a moral voice to stop water shutoffs for the most vulnerable people in Detroit.Three quarters of the children in Detroit are living below 150% of the federal poverty 
level ($35,775 for a family of four). Exposing children to an opportunity to care about other children is 
a way to nurture their humanity by caring for other children in need. 
Please make the sacrifice of time to personally compel  people to join in and wage love..   

The Allied Media Conference has agreed to support our cause by spreading the word nationwide 
about Mayor Duggan's refusal to accept the warnings that massive water shut offs are a threat to 
public health and  an assault, punishing vulnerable people who cannot afford the current payment 
rates and policies. There is not a reasonable process in place for evaluating shut offs for vulnerable populations such as elderly, pregnant women, persons with serious medical conditions or chronic 
health challenges, young children in the home, landlord tenant discrepancies. 
This is unreasonable and unacceptable. Like Flint we have been persistent as advocates, 
now we have decided to lift up the children’s voices to call out to the Mayor in front of the nation.

Do what you can to get a save date out especially if you can get church youth groups, 
boy and girl scouts, school groups etc. Post on your Facebook page, email blast, blog etc.

We have youth voice but need all hands and feet, lots of children and lots of adult support.

We can do this!
Water Warriors and Allies,                           

Again we are besieged with the resumption of massive water shut offs. Much like the situation in Flint, our early warnings of the public health impact have been ignored by the Mayor. We must educate the public and move to protect the most vulnerable among us.

We are mobilizing young people to lead a Children’s March on Saturday June 18 at 5:00 pm launched from the international Allied Media Conference being held at Wayne State University. We will march from the south side of the Student Center. We will walk down Second then go over to Woodward and walk in front of the restaurants in Midtown (this is the start of the dinner hour). 

We are asking everyone to wear BLUE!                                                                              

The young people in leadership have had involvement in the water work at various levels, water stations, Lansing lobby days, undoing racism, fundraising, canvassing, prayer vigils, the water justice walk from Detroit to Flint and much more. We reach out to you to bring children to be in the March - all are welcome to show they care about the people by participating in sending a message to Mayor Duggan:  

Stop the water shut offs!

Please send out an email blast to your circle of influence, youth groups, churches, recreation centers, after school programs. Put it out on social media. Get the children out. The youth are developing a flyer. Please help in any way you can.  This is urgent and critical to our community.                                                                                                                 
Water is a human right. Water is life. The best interests of the people should come before profits. Sick people, elderly, pregnant women, households with young children and those with chronic illness should be handled with sensitivity. The foundation of the Mayor and Governor’s resistance is their motivation to privatize water by targeting black communities.  As they turn a deaf ear,  thousands are harmed,  losing their children, losing their homes and suffering because they cannot afford the water. Human services are supposed to to help,not hurt.

Join us as we take to the streets to lift the voices of children crying out for water restoration as human right!

See the flyer with info about the march.

Urgent Call to Action:  

"Even as the quality of available water is constantly diminishing, in some places there is a growing tendency, 
despite its scarcity, to privatize this resource, turning it into a commodity subject to the laws of the market. 
Yet access to safe drinkable water is a basic and universal human right, since it is essential to human survival and, 
as such, is a condition for the exercise of other human rights. Our world has a grave social debt towards 
the poor who lack access to drinking water, because they are denied the right to a life consistent 
with their inalienable dignity."     -- Pope Francis, Laudato Si

Jun 13, 2016

Moth Radio Hour appearance by Michele Fecteau

Michelle Fecteau, AAUP-AFT Local 6075, Wayne State University Chapter, giving her Moth Radio Hour story on The Triangle Shirtwaist Connection.  A correction off of the byline at the website, she was working for the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union:

Her husband Eddie was also highlighted:

Jun 3, 2016

When universities try to behave like businesses, education suffers

"What’s really at stake in the corporatization of academia is the traditional role the university as a repository of culture and training ground for open inquiry. “The obvious risk,” says Michael Meranze, a professor of history at UCLA who shares a blog on academic issues with Newfield, “is that academic research gets done to advance the interests of outside corporations, rather than 
guided by the logic of  the university’s mission.”"

more via