19 January 2019

Member Question About The Los Angeles 25,000 Teacher Strike

A member wrote in last week trying to understand how, in a Democratically, liberal haven such as Los Angeles, California ... are teachers striking.  

Hey @ArneDuncan, why is it that when it came to guns in schools you were all for kids striking, but when their teachers want guidance counselors instead of arm[ed] guards, you blast them? 
Randi Weingarten (@RWeingarten)

Teachers and supporters rallied and marched Monday,
the first day of the Los Angeles teachers strike.
(David McNew for The Washington Post)

17 January 2019

01/29/19 Council reps meeting

Tuesday, January 29 from 12:30-1:30 in Room 3104.7 in the Maccabees Building. Please RSVP your attendance to Alia Allen at ac1247@wayne.edu by Friday, January 25 for the lunch count.