20 April 2015

04/28/15 Academic Forum: Online Education

Academic Forum: Online Education
Date: April 28, 2015
Location: UGL Community Room
Time: Noon-1 PM

The AAUP-AFT and WSU Administration have agreed to form a 2N Online Committee (2N refers to equal number of Administrator & Union Representatives). This committee is charged with developing policy to ensure online education is effective and appropriate. Be a part of the discussion where all of the Union Representatives of this committee will listen to and discuss ideas for improving WSU’s online education policies.

A special presentation featuring:

Veronica Bielat (Librarian III, Library Computing & Media Services), John Heinrichs (Associate Professor, Management & Information Systems, School of Business Administration), Pramod Khosla (Associate Professor, Nutrition & Food Systems, CLAS), Charles Parrish (Professor, Political Science, CLAS, President, AAUP-AFT)