03 May 2016

Common Sense Economics

Dear Brothers & Sisters--
I wanted to invite you to join the National and State AFL-CIO for our Common Sense Economics Train-the-Trainer Program. It's taking place next week, May 13-14, in Warren.
The Common Sense Economics program empowers working people by providing education on critical economic issues. CSE is being used to train activists, talk to constituents, and educate allies to achieve a progressive raising wages agenda.
The training will include workshops on: CSE 101, Globalization, Immigration, Women, and Young Workers.
One of the main goals for CSE  is to develop activists who understand that the economy is not an act of nature, but formed by deliberate political choices and people who are prepared to act together to change the rules of the economy.
CSE aims to create a springboard of activism that can help turn around financial crises facing working people. That’s why over 40 community and constituency groups nationwide have committed resources to CSE workshops.
In Solidarity,
Ron Bieber,  President of the Michigan AFL-CIO