06 May 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week 2016

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This is Teacher Appreciation Week,

As we finish the academic year, we want to stop and recognize the hard work and dedication of our members to Wayne State’s students in and out of the classroom.  Union members spend countless hours encouraging the intellectual growth of our students in the classroom; grading; developing classes; helping students with their research; providing them counseling and career advice; and a multitude of other tasks in making sure that they are healthy and happy at our university.  Most of your work is unnoticed and probably under compensated.  

While education work should be appreciated every week, this week does give us all an opportunity to recognize our fellow union members for all that they do as educators in helping our students.

There are other members of our union as well, not at Wayne and not even in HIgher Education, they are members of local K-12 teacher and support unions across the state and beyond, who pushed our students toward college. They too deserve recognition. Particularly in these times, when teachers are so often the targets of undeserved criticism, we should think of them, and raise our voices to thank them for their labors.

Your Union applauds the joy, dedication, and energy that faculty and academic staff put into teaching and supporting WSU students. 

Thank you for all of your hard work.