02 May 2017

Call for AAUP-AFT Liaisons to Academic Senate / Opportunity to Serve

The AAUP-AFT is currently seeking 7 Union members to serve as a Union Liaison on each of the University's Academic Senate Committees for the next two (2) academic years, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.
Liaisons are an integral part of providing effective communication and coordination between the Academic Senate and the AAUP-AFT in an effort to serve the interests of our membership and the University as a whole.
Committees include:
For information regarding the charge of each committee go to:http://academicsenate.wayne.edu/
If you are interested in serving as the AAUP-AFT Liaison, please send an email to the Union office by May 31, 2017 with your CV, resume, or professional record and a brief explanation, approximately 250 words, as to why you would like to serve.

The Union's Executive Board will give full consideration to each applicant and make its selection by August 1, 2017Please feel free to contact the Union office with any questions you may have..